In-game name: Baseballking112

Age: 13

Steam name: Baseballking112

Country: United states Of America

First learnt launguage: English

Have you donated to our server?: No

Steam ID:

Hours on Garrys mod: 27 Hours

Estimated time on server ( In hours ) We will be checking this so dont lie: Not exacly sure but I know its been atleast 25 Hours

Any other admin/mod experiance: In Minecraft but not on Garrys Mod

Time playing DarkRP servers: Like I said, about 25 hours

What do you like about our server: The map

What do you hate about our server: How some people randomly RDM people like 3 times in a row

Do you know any other staff?: In real life, no but In the server yes

Write a 2 - 4 paragraph reason on why we should accept your application:

I believe that if I can be promoted as a moderator, I can make the server a better place. I got Garrys mod a week ago and I already have 27 hours on it. I have no friends in school so making me a admin for your garrys mod server would be good. The only server I mainly play on is this server, the Galaxy Dark RP server. Since I play a lot of Garrys Mod, I can be online a lot making sure nobody is KOS/randomly arresting people. Also I will make sure people are following the laws. I wont be that type of moderator who i strict.

I will be the type of moderator who makes sure everything is perfect on the server but also play as if I wasn't a moderator to interact with the other players. Yes, I do have Skype if you would like to contact me and I do have a good mic. Thanks for reading this. Future regards.





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