Team Quigly Roleplay

Team Quigly Roleplay is a truly custom gamemode built from the ground up.

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What We Are

Team Quigly is a fully custom roleplay gamemode and community built from the ground up. We do not use any of the DarkRP code, making the experience very unique. We strive to give our players a very immersive and entertaining experience that you wont find anywhere else.

Active Development

Team Quigly Roleplay is constantly being improved. We believe that this gamemode can always be better, so we always strive to make it the best it can be. From fixing bugs to adding new features, you can always look forward for an upcoming update.

Dynamic Roleplay

We believe that roleplay should be as open ended as possible. Instead of having hundreds of jobs for small features, we allow citizens to be creative with how they want to roleplay. Whether you want to be a drug lord, a thief, or an honest baker, how you choose to roleplay is completely up to you.