Since the cocaine system is a bit involved, I thought I'd explain exactly how it works. If any of the recipes or amounts change due to balancing, I will update this post.

A quick disclaimer: These ingredients are not 100% realistic and should not be replicated in real life. Making cocaine is highly dangerous and illegal. This post is for entertainment purposes only.

What you'll need

  • 1 water (F4 market)
  • 1 fertilizer (F4 market)
  • 1 plant pot (super market)
  • 1 phenacetin (dealer NPC)
  • 1 potassium permanganate (super market)
  • 1 ammonium hydroxide (super market)
  • 1 acetone (super market)
  • 1 hydrochloric acid (super market)
  • 1 sulphuric acid (super market)
  • 1 calcium carbonate (super market)
  • 1 kerosene (f4 market)
  • 1 stove (f4 market)
  • 1 cooking pot (f4 market)

Growing coca

First you're going to need to grow coca plants. A quick walkthrough can be found here:

Making coca paste

To make coca paste you're going to need to place down a stove and cooking pot. Make sure you select "use" instead of "drop" otherwise you will waste resources. Drop the coca leaves from your inventory and move it into the pot. Now you're going to pour the fluids in to the pot. To pour items, press "use" on the item, click E on it, and then hold right click when the item is above the pot.

You will need to pour:

  • 600 ml of sulphuric acid
  • 600 ml of calcium carbonate
  • 800 ml of kerosene

Now use your roleplay hands to move the pot on top of the stove. You will know that it is positioned correctly when you see the temperature rise above 23 C. Once the progress is at 100%, move your pot off the stove and press E to collect your coca paste. It is important that you move your pot off the stove first to prevent the pot from catching on fire.

Making cocaine

Now that you have your coca paste, you're almost at cocaine. Add your coca paste to your pot and then add phenacetin.

You will need to pour:

  • 500 ml of potassium permanganate
  • 600 ml of ammonium hydroxide
  • 800 ml of acetone
  • 800 ml of hydrochloric_acid

Like the steps in making coca paste, move your stove off the pot and press E to collect. You will now have your cocaine!