Steam Name:TheGermanKoala

Roleplay name: TheGermanKoala

Your current playtime: On Gmod= 426

Have you donated:No im to poor but If I could I would.

Have you ever been banned from Team Quigly:No. I played when it was still private and that was fun.

Why you think you should be a staff member: Well I have previous staff experience on an Icefuse server but I resigned. I am on almost all the time and I would love to help when this server blows up to be a part of it.


-1 went around VDMing people nowhere near the street for no reason as well as arresting people for no reason and pulling people over to "taze, cuff, arrest" with no words spoken


-1 VDMed me and a few other friends then LTAPed after, making me lose my Mac-10.