• decrease chances of starving
  • tow truck / bus driver job
  • increase rock amounts
  • fast food/snacks (possibly bought at 7/11 , Shell GS)
  • purchasable custom license plate tags/horns
  • radio station job (music/sports/comedy)


Comedy/Sports radio is done w/ in-game voice


The starving rate is fairly slow, although more food NPCs would definitely help

Tow truck and bus driver job would be fun

At the moment rocks spawn every minute, which is a bit slow if everyone is mining. I'll look into a more dynamic system that can keep up with all the players mining rocks

Fast food NPCs would be nice to have

There is a news camera man job at the moment, however, adding microphones and radios for citizens would be fun


  • weather system (rain/thunder)

future stuff

  • new chat theme
  • new F4 menu

this is really all can think of for the next few weeks/months in the servers time